Must.Eat.Birds game review

Chris James
December 24, 2010

The second birds-related game of the week, but the first to actually feature birds, Must.Eat.Birds is as strange as the title suggests. The aim is to stop the pesky avian thieves from stealing all your fat nomsters’ cake.

Naturally, this is performed by hurling said nomsters at the birds before they land, letting the hungry orange creatures munch straight through the birds, feathers and all.

It’s colourful, manic and incredibly Japanese – from the design of the nomsters to the hilarious commentator blaring out ‘Maximum Bake’ should you let a cake to be fully constructed in the background.

All this fantastic visual and audio work seems to have been at the cost of speed however, as the game can stress out even high-end Android phones, despite being effectively a 2D game.

Nevertheless, Must.Eat.Birds is another great example of how creative mobile gaming can be.

Rating: 4 out of 5

Platform Android

Price US$0.94

From Android Market

Publisher Mediatonic

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