Motorola RAZR revealed in Berlin

October 19, 2011

Today, Motorola revealed ‘the best smartphone in the world’ according to Alain Mutricity – Senior Vice President, Portfolio and Product Management at Motorola.
The phone in question is the new RAZR which made its debut during a press conference in Berlin earlier today.The new RAZR features a stainless steel core, laminated front face, laser-cut kevlar fibre and scratch resistant Gorilla glass. Under the bonnet is a dual core 1.2GHz processor with 1GB RAM. The weight is the shocker, given the screen size of 4.3 inches – it’s just 127 grams.

The RAZR is the first Motorola phone to have Splash-guard for accidental splashes and rain. Speaking to What Mobile, Mutricity said ‘we didn’t compromise on the battery life’ , referring to a claimed 10 hours talk time, compared to 8 hours of talk time for the Galaxy S2 and iPhone 4.

In response to iCloud by Apple, Motorola have embedded MotoCast software which means you can access any content on your home PC. Simply plug in the RAZR to your computer and you’ll have a wireless link to everything on your PC hard drive once you’ve ticked a few boxes. Alongside the PC sync solution which avoids any cloud based functions, a Webtop adaptor allows full screen phone functions on a monitor, combined with a full size wireless keyboard.

There’s a Smart Actions app for better battery life – it’s free and automates everyday tasks. It can turn off Bluetooth and GPS when you get home and don’t need those features, for example. The Smart Actions app equates to 30% better battery life when used properly, claim Motorola. ‘We prioritise the consumer’ says Mutricity, saying that battery life and screen size are two of the biggest concerns for consumers. ‘I can’t speak for Apple but I can speak for the consumer’ he says, before talking about new smartphone users who expect better battery life and want all of their content in one place. ‘It’s the hub of your digital life’ says Mutricity.

Productivity capability is on the agenda too and a clear shot at RIM and BlackBerry devices. There’s corporate email and calendar access and ability to edit all Microsoft documents. Data encryption, HD video conference options and embedded GoToMeeting will make it easy for IT managers to manage and recommend the new RAZR.

Motorola say RAZR will be available ‘in November’ in the UK and be backed by ‘the biggest campaign we have ever launched in Europe’. As a closer, Motorola say Ice Cream 4.0 will be available via an update early in 2012.


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