Most popular refurbished phones revealed

Saf Malik
May 11, 2021

Apple iPhone claimed six out of ten UK spots 

Compare and Recycle has today revealed the top ten most popular refurbished smartphones amongst UK users.

The independent refurbished phone comparison site analysed data for the past four months and found that the Apple iPhone X was the most popular refurbished phone in the UK.

This was followed by the Samsung Galaxy S8 with the Apple iPhone 7 rounding out the top three.

A full list can be found below:

  1. Apple iPhone X
  2. Samsung Galaxy S8
  3. Apple iPhone 7
  4. Apple iPhone 8
  5. Samsung Galaxy S10
  6. Apple iPhone SE (2020)
  7. Samsung Galaxy S9
  8. Samsung Galaxy S10e
  9. Apple iPhone XS
  10. Apple iPhone 6s

Apple and Samsung devices retain their value most over time with Apple handsets depreciating by only 40 per cent in the first year post-release.

According to the research, people chose three or four-year-old models when buying refurbished devices. This highlights a shift in the attitude of buyers towards recent models due to them being released with incremental upgrades.

Compare and Recycle managing director Matthew Morton said: “With every new release, brand-new smartphones make a bigger dent in our wallets. Just a couple of years ago a decent flagship phone would cost £700, today the latest high-end smartphone carries an eye-watering price tag of more than £1,200.

“Besides extremely high financial cost, newly manufactured phones cost the earth to make. As a result of these two issues, refurbished smartphones have rapidly gained popularity and are an appealing choice for both bargain hunters and conscious consumers.”

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