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November 11, 2020

Your work may entail creating and managing social media accounts. But you’re never at peace, most of the time, at least, as you’re usually worried that the social media platforms could flag as suspicious the many accounts you manage. As if that’s not enough, your productivity may even be on a downward spiral because of the constant anxiety. All this happens, yet your issues can be remedied using mobile proxies.

What are mobile proxies?

In this paragraph, you’ll learn more about what a mobile proxy is. 

A concise definition of mobile proxies is that they’re proxy servers that redirect your web traffic and requests via an existing person’s dongle, mobile phone, or portable Wi-Fi router. It makes their mobile devices a proxy endpoint – what accesses a website and, by extension, the internet. 

In essence, you’re just using the IP address that the anonymous person’s ISP assigns their devices. This makes mobile proxies bulletproof, given that they’re simply undetectable. After all, by using them, you become a real person and not a bot. 

The undetectability is anchored on how Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) assign IP addresses. The assignment procedure varies from one MNO to another and can also change based on additional factors, e.g., the location, density of traffic, etc. Some MNOs change the address every time a device disconnects then reconnects. Others assign a new address upon the expiry of the dynamic host control protocol (DHCP) lease. The expiry could be anywhere between 4 and 24 hours, depending on the traffic; the more the traffic the less the time.

Uses of Mobile Proxies

It, therefore, follows that using mobile proxies is a guaranteed way to remain anonymous regardless of the number of times you’re accessing a particular website to request data. For this reason, you can use mobile proxies to:

● Open multiple social media accounts

● Circumvent spamming restrictions in advertising and marketing

● Inflate engagements on social media through cheat likes and subscribers

● Increase anonymity in the world awash with cybercrime

● Escape Google’s endless Captchas

Ideally, the primary purpose of mobile proxies is to mask your real IP address for, say, Google, Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter not to blacklist it.

Mobile Proxies and Social Media

As a social media marketer, you may have, in your fold, several social media accounts. You may also be the social media account manager for multiple brands. And your scope of work may stretch across multiple social media platforms. Alternatively, you may need to access data on social media users.

However, there’s usually only so much you can do before the now strict social media platforms flag your IP address as suspicious for any of these activities. If any of these scenarios define your current situation, then mobile proxies are meant for you. 

Social Media Management

Social media platforms are stricter now more than ever. They’ve limited the number of accounts that can use a single IP address to 5. Going beyond their figure leads to the suspension of one, if not all, of the accounts using a single IP address. 

Thanks to mobile proxies, though, you can prevent such a scenario. With mobile proxy applications, you can run about 10 accounts simultaneously, depending on the proxy provider, and more than 30 accounts at different times. Nevertheless, the catch is that you should ensure that all the IP addresses for each of the social media accounts are from the same country. Otherwise, all your effort will amount to nothing.

Data Scraping/Market Research

Social media is a hub of information about human behavior, which, when harnessed, can shape marketing campaigns. Furthermore, your competitor’s social media account may contain information about what your target audience finds appealing.

However, with the increased need to ensure user privacy, social networks have incorporated tools that control how they’re used. These tools work by blocking data scraping requests. Such a block causes the platform to list your IP address as being suspicious and is bound to frustrate data scraping, ultimately.

Therefore, successful scraping is anchored on anonymity, and this is where mobile proxies come into play.

A/B Testing

With multiple social media accounts on the same platform – thanks to mobile proxies – you can easily run parallel marketing campaigns to determine which between two campaigns or products is popular among your target audience. 

Social Media Automation

Some sophisticated mobile proxy providers also provide automation services, e.g., account opening, scheduling posts, and replying to followers. However, you should ensure that the proxy you choose can perform automation without detection. Otherwise, if it does a shoddy automation job, then detection and eventual suspension are inevitable. 


Mobile proxies add a layer of anonymity thanks to their use of IP addresses that MNOs provide. This added layer of protection is a vital requirement for social media marketing. Through mobile proxies, you can create and manage multiple social media accounts, gather information from your competitors, and test products, among others. However, successful marketing is anchored on finding an excellent mobile proxy provider.

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