Microsoft’s Windows Phone device for selfies leaked online (Update: More leaked pics reveal another new device!)

Saqib Shah
September 1, 2014

The Nokia Lumia 730 has surfaced online in new leaks, which show its body and the new Windows Phone software that could be on the device.

Earlier reports claimed that the handset had mortal, mid-range specs despite its invincible “Superman” codename.

The Lumia 730, as it is also known, is rumoured to contain the best front-facing camera for a Windows Phone device at 5MP.

That’s on par with what you’ll find on many Android handsets and has been surpassed by so-called selfie devices such as the Huawei Ascend P7 and the upcoming Sony Xperia C3.

It is, however, a big step up for Windows Phone and Microsoft. Even the recent flagship Nokia Lumia 930 only had a 1.2MP front-facing camera and Microsoft’s current mid-range device, the Lumia 720, has a modest 1.3MP snapper.

The images do not confirm the Lumia 730’s super sensor or even the reported 4.7 inch screen.


What the pics do show is a new form of software entitled “Lumia Debian Red”. It is hard to tell at this point what form that soft are will take, whether it will be a Lumia-centric version of Cyan or something altogether different.

Alas, without a confirmed release date for the device, this is all just speculation and the specs and software could be different if and when the “Superman” lands.

A leaked memo from Microsoft revealed its plans to release a range of high-end devices “very soon”.

Given that Debian Red hasn’t even been announced, it could be a while before the Nokia Superman flies in. Nonetheless, we’ll keep you up to date with all the news surrounding the rumoured handset.


Microsoft has given its strongest indication of the existence and planned release of its “selfie” phone, the Lumia 730.

The tech giant today sent out email invites to members of the press for an upcoming event to be staged in Berlin on 4 September.

The teaser image, embedded below, states “join us for more face time” – which could be another hint at a phone with a decent front-facing camera. Additionally, the prominent “ready for more” text that dominates the invite has a round camera where the ‘o’ should be in ‘more’.


The Nokia Lumia 730 is rumoured to sport a 5MP front-facing snapper, the most powerful lens to ever make it on to the front of a Windows Phone device, and a 4.7 inch display.

It is thought that Microsoft devices chief Stephen Elop previously revealed the 730, along with the a high-end phone codenamed ‘Tesla’, at an internal meeting.

It is unclear whether the Tesla, aka the Lumia 830, will be launched alongside the 730 on 4 September.

Microsoft’s event coincides with the upcoming IFA expo in Berlin, which will also see Samsung unveiling the Galaxy Note 4.

Overall, September is turning into a busy month with the rumoured launch of the iPhone 6 also being reported.

By launching two new distinct products, this could be Micorosoft’s strategy of diverting some attention away from its Android and iOS rivals toward its Windows Phone devices.

UPDATE:  More images of the Nokia Lumia 730 have made it online, thanks to a Chinese website.

More interestingly, the new pics show the device – both from the front and the back – alongside a completely new model, thought to be the Nokia Lumia 735. The new handset is rumoured to be a 4G variant of the Lumia 730, while the 730 only has 3G capabilities.

Lumia 730 back

The images show them in black and white, but judging by Nokia’s track record it is safe to assume we’ll see more colours when they are officially announced.

It is thought that the device will be a mid-range phone. You can see its rumoured specs listed in the original story above.

Lumia 730

A 4G variant of the device termed a “selfie phone” – due to its 5MP front-facing camera – is an intriguing prospect. It would give users the chance to quickly upload pics online using fast mobile broadband connections.

Elsewhere, we can only assume that the specs for the Lumia 735 will be exactly the same.

Lumia 730 side

If the leaks turn out to be true, then we could see the Lumia 735 unveiled alongside the 730 and the high-end Lumia 830, at Microsoft’s pre-IFA event on 4 September.

Not long to go now, folks!


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