Microsoft Office for iPad could be available before Q3 of this year

Callum Tennent
February 17, 2014

Workaholic iPad owners could only have a few short months left for the app that they’ve surely been waiting for. Microsoft Office could be released as early as June this year.

Microsoft’s Office brand is the  office suite, reportedly used by over one billion people worldwide. Yes, there have been many imitators available for the iPad for a while now, but for those craving a familiar, comprehensive experience, MS Office is really the only choice.

An iPhone version of the app released in the summer of 2013, but was widely criticised as it was not available for use on the iPad. You’d think that it would only be a matter of simple UI optimisation, but apparently Microsoft decided to keep the app from the iPad until they could release its own standalone version. No pressure then, guys.

Of course that wasn’t the only complaint about Office for iPhone. Users slated the app for its poorly thought out features, lack of Cloud storage and questionable syncing capabilities. We’ll soon see if Microsoft addressed any of these issues in the iPad release.

The app, like its iPhone sibling, will thankfully be free for Office 365 subscribers. That said, a personal Office 365 subscription does cost a princely £79.99 per year – a price that some clearly deem worthwhile for the ability to use the market-leading office suite wherever and whenever.


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