Microsoft gives up on YouTube for Windows Phone, gives you the mobile website

Jordan O'Brien
October 8, 2013

Microsoft has just gone and updated the YouTube for Windows Phone app, and there’s a bit of good news and a whole lot of bad news for users of the Windows Phone OS. Firstly the good news is that the app now officially works, something that the old app hasn’t done for a long time, although the bad news is that it’s just a link to the mobile website.

Both Google and Microsoft have spent a lot of time tangling over the former’s lack of willingness to cooperate in building a Windows Phone app, with Google not giving Microsoft access to APIs for advertising, yet not allowing Microsoft to launch a Windows Phone YouTube app without said advertising.

Whilst the mobile website obviously works better than the currently broken Windows Phone app, if you are a Windows Phone user then you’re more likely to be better off sticking with a third party solution, of which there are many currently floating around in the Windows Phone Store.

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