The Meld gets you cooking, from your smartphone!

Ben Rayner
April 9, 2015

As each day passes technology becomes more and more integrated with our home lives, making those simply tasks even. From wireless speaker systems to kettles you can switch on with your phone, its all great stuff.

Cooking however has remained much the same and with so many of us working, we all have less and less time to learn the tricks of the trade. Cooking food at the right temperature for example can be a difficult task, meaning that chicken you thought was fine, might still be undercooked or even over cooked and ruined.

Sure, ovens let you set an exact heat, but mastering hob requires lots of little adjustments as you try to find that balance for simmering a stew or poaching an egg. Well, technology has finally come to the rescue thanks to the brand new Meld.

A ‘smart knob’ that attaches to your current gas or electric cooker, automatically monitors and adjusts what you’re cooking via a iOS and Android smartphone app.

Meld launched on Kickstarter this week and is already so popular, it’s on track to double its goal of $50,000.

Made up of 3 components, the Knob which mechanically controls temperature on your hob, a thermometer that clips to your pots and pans and sends data to your phone along with the connected iOS and Android app which allows you to choose from hundreds of recipes and remotely control just what’s going on in your kitchen, without having to set foot in there.

According to Melds creators, the new tech can be used to cook a wide range of things, utilising a vast range of methods, which include frying, poaching, simmering and slow cooking. Just imagine, getting that post hangover fry up, without leaving your bed. Provided some is down there to throw it all in the pan of course.

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