Lumia 630 will not get Windows 10 Mobile

Thomas Wellburn
January 14, 2016

According to a document revealed by Vodafone Australia, the Lumia 630 is no longer scheduled to get an update to Windows 10 Mobile.

The paper details expected sofware updates coming in 2016, with the Lumia 630 carrying a rather blunt message:

The Lumia 630 has been removed from the Windows 10 update program

Quite why Microsoft has done this remains to be seen, especially considering they had previously promised that most Windows 10 Mobile devices would get the update. The company has previously spoken about the challenges faced with bringing the OS to smarpthones with less than 1GB RAM but did say that it would be possible, albeit with some more intensive features omitted.


To put this into perspective, the Lumia 630 is one of those discussed devices, featuring 512MB RAM and a Snapdragon 400 processor. There’s quite a few other Lumia devices floating around that hardware specification, so one has to wonder if these will in fact follow suit as well.

Could Microsoft be stumbling into some fresh issues closer to launch?

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