Link Building & App Store Optimization: How are they related?

Devin Smith
December 11, 2019

Search engines love links. Since the beginning of SEO, links have been an integral part of search result algorithms for Google and other search engines, as well.

But, does app store optimization also needs link optimization? Or rather, can link building help rank your app better in Android or Apple App Store?

Well, the answer is- Yes!

In fact, links matter for all sorts of content online when it comes to ranking in search results. Regardless of the platform where a user searches for the result.

In case, you still need a little more convincing, here are all the reasons for you to believe how link building and ASO are related.

Not All Links Work The Same; Some Are Better

First of all, link building for SEO and ASO work differently, though they both consider link signals. Since we are discussing ASO, it is important to understand what sort of links work when it comes to optimizing your brilliant app on the Android or Apple app store. Since mobile apps are different then your website, the type of links that work are also different. Usually, shared links by the users are better as compared to any published link.

ASO Involves Keyword Research & Content Creation

Link building has always included keyword research and optimization. Essentially, the keywords need to be in relevance to the problem that your app intends to solve. Experts providing link building service from outreach monks explain links help with keyword optimization in app-store similar to the way they help with SEO. For example, an app about fin-tech service would usually have finance, technology, accounting, and alike keywords in its’ description. And accordingly, the keyword optimization will be carried out using links.

A Careful Balance Between Impressions Is Crucial

Every impression that your app receives, in fact, creates a new link for your app. For example, if your users leave feedback or a review- they link to your app. If they share the app to their friends and WhatsApp groups- they link to your app. If they leave you a public review on any forum or discussion portal, they link to your app. In short, all the impressions, if balanced carefully surely helps improve your app’s ranking in search results.

You Need Real People Talking About Your App

As of now, it is quite reasonable that routine links don’t really give any boost to your app store ranking. But, what really could work for your ASO is the links where people indulge in your app’s experience. Experts at Outreach Monks suggest that links from social media and forums are more effective for ASO. This is certainly due to the fact that apps register user data, and are extensively measured on the basis of the same. The downloads, the likes, the ratings, the uninstalls, shares, discussions on forums and social media promotions, all of these factors are good for boosting your app’s ranking. In short, you need real people talking about your app.

App Store Optimization is no child’s play. It needs extensive knowledge of ranking factors, along with smart efforts to improve the ranking in the app store.

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