LG V20 will have the world’s first Quad DAC

Manny Pham
August 11, 2016

The world’s first Quad DAC (QDAC) in a smartphone, will be featuring in the upcoming LG V20, as confirmed by the Korean manufacturer today.

Strangely LG are not trying to hide much about the LG V20, but rather slip everyone a little bit of information here and there. It could possibly be acceptance of the inevitable leaks coming up to a launch, and not bothering to waste the time and energy to keep it all hush.

Today’s slip/announcement is monumental, particularly to you audiophiles. The LG V20 will be the world’s first Quad DAC smartphone, when it is released. This isn’t the only first for the LG V20, as it will also be the first device to run Android 7 Nougat out of the box. Some excellent strides made by LG after the lacklustre sales of the modular LG G5.

LG has been championing high audio quality since the days of the LG G2, which was the first Android device to support 24-bit sound on an Android device. The new QDAC supports up to 32-bit music files, a dramatic increase from their previous record.

What can the the world’s first Quad DAC do?

LG are making some bold claims about their new QDAC. It will be capable of reducing ambient noise levels 50% more than the V10. The V10 has a singular DAC in tow. Video recording will be boosted thanks to the QDAC being able to capture more detailed sound – even in loud environments.

Sound quality seems to be a feature certain Android manufacturers are boosting. Arguably the HTC 10 has the best audio output at the moment thanks to the 24-bit DAC in tow. The incredible Samsung Galaxy S7 does not have a fancy DAC in tow, but it does join in on the 24-bit fun, capable of playing FLAC files (as can the HTC 10).

The LG V20 is looking to be an excellent device and one that will set a new audio standard for smartphones. We’re expecting the V20 to be unveiled September 6th in San Francisco, after releasing invites last week.

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