LG G5 Magic Slot battery leaked

Manny Pham
February 19, 2016


A picture of one of the accessories you can add onto the G5 has surfaced on a Chinese technology website. 

We’ve yet to see an officially branded product from LG that confirms the modular add-ons until now. The picture depicts an expansion that expands the battery by a rumoured 1100 mAh, with camera functions to adjust, shutter release, zoom and flash.

It has already been leaked that the G5 will support modular add-ons with a DAC (digital to analogue converter) being developed to take advantage of the magic slot too. LG has officially announcned they willbe working with audio firm Bang & Olufsen to create the DAC, but did not confirm whether it was for ‘Magic Slot’ or whether the DAC will be built in.

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Via Android Central.

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