LG’s possible Firefox OS smartphone spotted on FCC

Jamie Feltham
September 18, 2013

Firefox has seen some success in the smartphone business this summer thanks to the ZTE Open, and it looks like the company will be expanding on that in the near future.

The FCC (Federal Communications Commission) has listed the LG D300g on its database. Rumours of an LG phone of the same name sporting the Firefox OS have been in circulation for a while now, and this news suggests that there’s a good deal of truth to them, though nothing is confirmed yet. LG has, however, pledged support to the OS in the past, along with the likes of Huawei and, of course, ZTE.

Specs currently point towards the D300g falling in line with other LG phones, including dimensions of 66.5mm by 118.3mm that suggest  an aspect ratio of 4:3. LG is currently working with Google on the Nexus 4 smartphone, so it’s not surprising to see the company collaborating with another high-profile internet browser.

The Firefox OS has been slowly building its own list of features throughout 2013, including the addition of its very own music store a few months back. If it will one day rival the likes of Android is still up for debate, but news such as this certainly helps it on its way. If there really is a Firefox-enabled LG phone in the works then its FCC listing could indicate a reveal isn’t too far off.

Source: Phone Arena

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