LG debut Optimus 3D Max, L7 and 4XHD phones

February 27, 2012

LG wasted no time in revealing a new line of Optimus phones at MWC. The range covered 3D, quad-core processors and a style based range of phones and showed a bullish Daniel Hernandez, LG European Director of Product marketing, boasting about how far LG had come in terms of technology.

“We are able to deliver the fastest phones in the market” said Hernandez, before offering a slide which showed how LG was ahead in the world of patents, presenting an opportunity to show a chart which placed LG above Samsung and similar rivals. “You won’t find a more
exciting product in Barcelona!” he burbled, as he rapidly
ran through the large range of phones.

Despite the lukewarm reception to the original LG Optimus 3D, Optimus 3D Max continues to push the glasses free 3D function with more power under the bonnet and increased links with the 3D range of LG TV products.

The Optimus 4XHD is a pure powerhouse, in line with Xperia S, Panasonic’s Eluga and Fujitsu’s unnamed Tegra 3 phone. Boasting a 313 pixels per inch display, 4.7 inch screen and Android 4.0, the 4XHD includes a Nvidia ND33 quad-core processor.

Three Optimus ‘L’ phones were revealed, based around style and following the template laid down by the recent LG Prada 3.0. “We’re inspired by luxury objects like a Rolex” said Hernandez. We’ve never seen a plastic Rolex but, in fairness, they’re the most stylish phones to come out of the LG factory…The range covers L3, L5 and L7.

Next up, the Optimus Vu – a phone with a 5 inch screen and pen – which manages to become the first rival to the Samsung Galaxy Note….

LG Optimus 4XHD

LG Optimus 3D Max

LG Optimus L7


LG Optimus Vu

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