Lexar launches high-speed 32GB microSDHC memory card

Jonathan Morris
January 6, 2011

Lexar Media has joined SanDisk with its own 32GB high-speed microSDHC memory card for mobile phones.

The Class 10 memory card offers extremely fast transfer speeds (up to 10MB per second write, 20MB per second read), making it perfect for storing high definition video, pictures, games and apps on the latest generation of smartphones and tablets.

The cards will come with a USB reader and mediamove software pre-installed on the card to allow media management of content from your PC. It retails for £99.99 (or $149 in USA).

Any mobile phone that can accept microSDHC should be able to use 32GB capacity cards without issue, which includes any phone that can take cards of over 2GB in capacity.

32GB is the maximum for the microSDHC card format, meaning that any phone offering higher storage levels will need to support the enhanced microSDXC standard.

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