Kindle Fire tablet release date

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September 28, 2011

Amazon are expected to release details of a Kindle tablet later today. The Android powered version of the hugely successful eReader is set to go head to head with rival tablets from Samsung, Sony and – of course – Apple.

The Kindle Fire will offer a 7 inch colour screen, which is why the tablet is a threat to rivals. The original Kindle used E Ink technology which only offers a black and white display. Importantly, like Apple, all apps are Amazon specific and the tablet has access to the Amazon store for music and movie downloads. It’s not known if Amazon will offer a 3G version with subscription free internet, like the original Kindle.

There are also rumours that users may have access to a subscription book service which would work in a similar way to Spotify – a flat monthly fee in return for a massive global library of books.According to TechCrunch who have seen an early prototype of the Kindle Fire, the design and build of the Kindle Fire was carried out by the people behind the BlackBerry Playbook and 2012 will see Amazon release a bigger, home grown tablet developed in house to go head to head with iPad 2. Amazon are set to launch the Kindle Fire during November 2011.

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