Kazam to launch three new phone ranges, first LTE device

Saqib Shah
February 20, 2014

British mobile manufacturer Kazam is to launch three new phone ranges, including the company’s first 4G LTE-enabled device.

The Kazam Thunder2  range will launch at the beginning of the second quarter of this year and include  the Kazam Thunder2  4.5L – the aforementioned 4G LTE-enabled phone – and  a five-inch model, the Kazam Thunder2  5.0.

Kazam is also updating its existing Trooper range, which will include four models, and introducing a new range of what it terms ‘easy-to-use’ phones under the Kazam Life banner.

The latter will include devices with a Smart SOS feature – an emergency  button that if activated will call up to five pre-programmed contacts, moving onto the next contact if voicemail is reached.

“The demand for LTE-enabled phones continues to grow across Europe. Our announcement today demonstrates our commitment to the market, and our ability to react quickly,” said Kazam  CEO,  Michael Coombes.

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