Juice sales skyrocket after recycled packaging launch

Saf Malik
October 6, 2020

Sales have increased by 12.5 per cent

Juice has experienced a surge in sales after announcing the launch of its 100 per cent recycled packaging.

The mobile phone accessories company says this is proof that its customers are becoming more conscious about sustainable packaging and do care about the ethical manufacturing of products, including packaging.

Earlier this year, Banbury based Juice became the first UK mobile phone accessories company to remove single-use plastic packaging from its products.

The Juice cables were the first to be sold with the new 100 per cent recyclable packaging manufactured from post-consumer waste.

Sales have increased by 12.5 per cent following the change.

Juice has ensured that the new packaging comes at no extra cost with no compromise on quality as the brand continues its shift towards sustainability.

The company’s ongoing sustainability drive follows news from earlier this year where the manufacturer announced it would do all it could to encourage sustainable packaging within its own-label ranges.

Juice CEO Jolyon Bennett said: “We have been blown away by the increase in sales since launching the new eco packaging.

“We have worked hard to get this right for our customers, for the packaging to be recycled and recyclable, to ensure the authenticity of the supply chain, to get the look and feel right – it doesn’t have to come in a brown paper bag to be eco – and we know from past experience that ultimately, customers want to buy an attractive, quality product.

“Our extensive range of cables was the first to launch in our new packaging, and the feedback couldn’t be better; the sales figures speak for themselves and we know that our efforts prove that people really do care – this is just the start and we hope to inspire and help other businesses to think in a more sustainable way as a result.”


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