JBL upgrades its PartyBox 300 with technology only millennial’s can hear

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April 1, 2019

JBL has today unveiled a world-first with its upgraded PartyBox 300; that when on full volume, can now only be heard by millennials. Designed to combat the on-going volume battle, the speaker is now fitted with ‘avocaudio’© technology, meaning songs can hit full volume and only those aged 35 or under will be able to hear.

JBL, leaders in immersive sound, has spent months in the lab creating the avocaudiotm technology with a team of scientists and sound engineers. The science behind certain ages hearing specific frequencies, (‘presbycusis’), was revealed a long time ago and is often used for deterring teenagers from loitering outside shops. The newly discovered ‘memecusis’ is the ear-aging process specific to millennials, whereby when a sound hits 120 dB with a frequency of 17,101.02 Hz, people over 35 are unable to hear it.

This new technology in the PartyBox 300, teamed with its rechargeable battery and 12V DC input, means millennials can truly start a party anywhere with up to 18 hours of playtime. Already a powerful speaker, the PartyBox boasts JBL’s signature sound quality and vivid light effects.

JBL R&D Manager, Professor April J. Basey-Love, comments “We want our customers to be able to grab a speaker and ignite parties all over the place. Many customers would often contact us to say their elder neighbours would complain about the noise, citing that it was just too loud.

With this new technology, avid millennial partiers are able to start a party anywhere and disregard noise pollution. Of course, we haven’t forgotten about our older demographic. We’ll be launching the JBL Baby Boomerbox early next year.”

To test out the new and improved features, JBL enlisted the help of professional social media dancer, Alex Hobern. Hobern comments, “I try my best to practice my daily dances as often as possible, but this is difficult as my 98-year-old Grandma finds the music really disruptive; she’s even voted that I leave the house, regardless of what this means for my future and finances. Since using the new PartyBox, she’s been unable to hear anything, and I’ve been dancing round the house non-stop with my music on full blast.”

Alex’s latest dance, ‘Faux Real’, can be viewed here:

Additionally, the upgraded PartyBox will come equipped with a built-in self-facing camera for the ultimate party selfie, ASMR mode and light effects that change with your mood.

The PartyBox 300 2.0 is available to rent for £1,004 per month. PartyBox 300 is £399.99 (including battery), both available now.


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