Is the iPhone nano for real? The jury is still out…

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December 30, 2008

A few websites recently started showing iPhone nano cases for sale, even before anyone from Apple has had a chance to announce the phone that will fit inside them. if such a phone is going to be announced, it will most likely be around the time of Macworld Expo in a couple of weeks (Jan 5-9th 2009) – although Apple has stated that it no longer feels the need to use this event to launch new products.

The question is, does this mean the phone is real or have a few online retailers taken a gamble that it exists based around the rumours we’ve all been hearing for so long?

It certainly makes sense for Apple to widen the portfolio, and it wouldn’t make sense to merely up the specs on the current iPhone. As the iPod generations prove, Apple likes to make changes to the design to keep people upgrading. Simply adding 32GB of memory might not be enough, although adding a far better camera could be. The thing is, Apple won’t get much media attention if the next device looks the same despite having more features.

We believe it seems very likely that during 2009 there will be more than one iPhone to choose from, but the basic operating system and screen resolution will remain the same to prevent compatibility problems with existing applications. Of course, a smaller version of the iPhone could be harder to use with a finger, making the clamshell idea more logical. How will Apple address the usability issue on a smaller device? Only Steve Jobs knows the answer to that one!

For now, we have to sit tight and wait for an official announcement – but do go along and look at the site below to make your own mind up.

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