iPhone 5s users reporting ‘Blue Screen of Death’

Jordan O'Brien
October 11, 2013

Remember when Windows would lock up and show up a blue screen? Well it turns out Windows devices aren’t the only ones that are a fan of the colour blue, as iPhone 5s users are beginning to report a Blue Screen of Death.

Whilst the cause of the problem is unknown, several videos have been posted online showing that it has been largely occurring with Apple’s iWork apps that now come free with all iOS devices. It’s not the sole root of the problem though, with multitasking also seemingly causing the phone to lock up.

As per usual with bugs of this problem, users have flocked to the Apple support forums to vent their anguish, but some advice has been given by other users — namely to disable iCloud syncing for all the iWork apps.

It’s likely that Apple is already investigating this issue and is working on a fix, but we’ve reached out to Apple and will update the story accordingly.

Source: The Verge

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