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September 29, 2011

Vodafone Australia are excited about iPhone 5, so much so that they’ve released the featured image. As hype reaches fever pitch ahead of the big announcement from Apple in San Francisco on 4th October, the rumour mill has gone into over drive. Here’s the headlines…

iPhone 5 Rumour Number 1: baby iPhone incoming!

iPhone 5 will have a budget offspring, designed to be cheaper and more accessible for phone users who have yet to experience iOS. And it could be called iPhone 4S.

iPhone 5 Rumour Number 2: It’s got double the memory

The RAM inside iPhone 4 that helps your apps and games speed along is set to be doubled to 1GB, which is impressive and will be a big sell to gamers and heavy app users.

iPhone 5 Rumour Number 3: It’s been left in a bar, again

Rumours abound of a lost iPhone in a bar and another one from a factory. In truth, it appears likely although the powers that be have managed to keep any leaks under control, avoiding the accidental outing of the iPhone 4.

iPhone 5 Rumour Number 4: It’s slimmer

Not a shocker really, but lets see what impact that has on battery life and er, voice reception…

iPhone 5 Rumour Number 5: The camera is moving

By moving, we mean to the other side of the iPhone – perhaps to help with those iPhone 4 signal issues. The camera is expected to hit 8 megapixels up from 5 megapixels, behind Sony and Nokia but still a step up from iPhone 4.

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