iPhone 5 UK launch: How to get one on launch day

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September 30, 2011

Current thinking suggests October 5th is the iPhone 5 launch date, following a confirmed Apple press conference on October 4th. Apple always release products the day after a major press conference and history tells us that next week will see a scramble to be the first to get an iPhone 5. But how can you increase your chances of getting an iPhone 5 on launch day?

Register your interest

Scan all network websites from Vodafone to Three to O2 and Orange and see if they have an option to sign up for email alerts, or deals for existing customers. Vodafone Australia launched a teaser campaign last week which urged people to sign up for details as they break.

Take the day off work

As ever, most launch day iPhone 5 purchases will be made in store, so it’s time to get a coffee and get to your local retailer as early as possible on launch day.

Check stock

Smaller stores have less stock so if you’re heading out on launch day, ensure you pick wisely. If in doubt, ring up the day before and ask how many iPhone 5 units your local shop will have to sell. There’s no point getting in line if they only have five handsets….

Tag team

If you have a friend or family member that can queue outside another store, ask them to do exactly that and double your chances.

Visit the Apple store in Covent Garden

It’s the biggest store in the country and we’re betting that’s where most of the iPhone 5 handsets are heading on launch day. Along with most customers with tents and camping gear…


It’s inevitable that some of the first available iPhone 5 handsets will hit eBay. Our advice: be carefeul, check the seller’s history and do any exchange in person and pay with PayPal.

Use your business account

Do you have a business account with a network? Put pressure on your network to deliver your iPhone 5 first. Remember, business customers spend more money and are – on paper – more important than first time buyers.

Enter a competition

Check your local press and websites for iPhone 5 competitions on launch day. As the most desirable gadget of 2011, it’s likely to be the main prize of many competitions from October 5th or even earlier.

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