iPhone 4S launch details but no iPhone 5 at Apple conference

What Mobile
October 4, 2011

Apple CEO Tim Cook took to the stage at a press conference in San Francisco at 6pm UK time today, spilling the beans about the next iPhone and all things Apple.

There wasn’t a live stream of the event to the world. Why? Perhaps the pressure was too much for Tim. Either way, the about-turn by Apple to keep a closed event with no broadcast relied purely on the press to cover the event.

A scaled down ‘select’ press too, as Apple UK confirmed that numbers had been slashed at the UK event, despite European press being included within the London satellite link-up with the main event in the US.

An Apple UK spokesperson was quoted by What Mobile yesterday and confirmed European guests would be present at the UK event and that press numbers had been reduced at the conference which took place at the Covent Garden Apple Store.

Several calls and emails later, the same spokesperson was very unhappy about being quoted. Why so sensitive? Why the small numbers? Why no live feed? Possibly because the event was not the debut of iPhone 5 but the debut of iPhone 4S…



iPhone 4S will include a beefed up A5 dual-core processor and have better call reception. It will also have an 8 mega pixel camera and 1080p HD video recording. The iPhone 4S also has ‘Siri’ tech, meaning you can speak to your phone and ask it about the weather. If you want to, that is. It might look a bit silly on the bus. iPhone 4S will also read your texts aloud which is useful for the gym. And Americans.

iPhone 4S will launch in the UK on October 14

iPhone 4S will come in 16GB, 32GB and 64GB sizes in black or white

Cook revealed that 300 million iPods have been sold, 45 million from July 2010 to now

iPhone is the fastest selling phone in the world, said Cook

75% of tablets sold are iPads, said Cook

iOS 5 has Twitter integration

‘Newstand’ is Apple’s new way of selling magazines and papers

iOS 5 launches on October 12th

Music match uploads your music automatically to new devices via iCloud (like Spotify)

iCloud will store all your iTunes music and film purchases online


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