iPad Mini 2 tipped for November 21 release date

Jordan O'Brien
October 31, 2013

Apple stayed very quiet when it came to announcing the iPad Mini with Retina Display’s release date, citing ‘end of November’, rather than giving a concrete date. We already know why the silence, with Tim Cook confirming that there may be some supply issues with the Retina Display — but if you’re looking forward to getting one, we may finaly have a date courtesy of US retailer Target.

According to the retailer’s website the 16GB model will launch on November 21, which will put its release date as the Thursday before Thanksgiving, and even more important before Black Friday — an important shopping date for every electronics retailer.

Apple typically holds its launches on Friday rather than a Thursday, so of course this could just be an inaccurate guess from Target, but it’s likely to arrive around that time in the US anyway, with it matching up with the late November timeline and perfectly aligned for the holiday shopping season.

If you’re elsewhere in the world, then you may find that this date may not apply to you — although you can always hope that Apple launches the iPad Mini with Retina Display in more than just one market.

Source: MacRumours


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