Huawei Honor 7 is already a success and it’s not even out

Thomas Wellburn
July 10, 2015

Huawei has announced that their Honor 7 is the most successful smartphone the company has ever made… and it’s not even available yet.

Huawei is busy boasting about it’s newest flagship Honor 7 smartphone, which has gained more pre-orders than any other device released by the company. Huawei has stated that the Honor 7 has managed to attract 9 million pre-orders over one week in China alone, which is unprecedented for the Chinese smartphone manufacturer.

The device is also set to release in Europe and the United States later this year, meaning it has the potential to sell even more in the long run. Huawei are confident of the western success of the Honor 7, saying ‘We are very excited about this regional success and believe that honor 7 will see a great response from users in Europe too, later this year’.

Via Android Central

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