HTC Sensation XL is HTC Runnymede?

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September 27, 2011

The HTC Runnymede, equipped with Beats Audio, has had a name change, according to Pocketnow who have quoted an industry source – outing the new phone as HTC Sensation XL.

Looking at the facts, Runnymede breaks the name convention of HTC phones and has always been known as a code name. Adding fuel to the fire, it was unlikely that the increasingly cool Beats Audio tie-in was going to fit with ‘Runnymede’.

And let’s not forget that the Sensation name holds weight for everyone already as HTC’s flagship phone hero. Under the bonnet, the specs of the HTC Sensation XL aren’t that similar to the HTC Sensation which is a dual-core powerhouse in comparison to an anticipated single core processor for the HTC Sensation XL.For music lovers, however, the HTC Sensation XL could well be the best portable music device around. Those white Apple earbuds might be in for some stiff competition.HTC are spilling the beans on October 7th so we’ll have more news as it breaks.



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