HTC ditching Windows Phone?

Jordan O'Brien
August 14, 2013

HTC could ditch Windows Phone according to a report from DigiTimes, which claims that the company wants to focus on Android.

When Windows Phone 8 launched, HTC was one of the most important partners Microsoft had, with the company gaining permission to call its devices Windows Phone 8X and Windows Phone 8S.

It would be an odd move for HTC to back away from Windows Phone, with the company previously being the largest vendor of Windows-based smartphones — long before Nokia adopted the OS.

Now however, it has lost its footing with Nokia taking first place with over 80% of the Windows Phone device sales, and Samsung rumoured to have taken second place — meaning HTC is coming up from the rear.

The HTC Tiara  was meant to be the newest device from the Taiwanese firm, but it has yet to be made official.

Of course with HTC facing an even bigger fight in the Android market, with its position in jeopardy after it was knocked out of the top five Android vendors, it would make sense for HTC to have a renewed focus.

According to Neowin, a HTC without Windows Phone would go against the company’s rumoured plans of building a One variant which runs on Microsoft’s OS.

These rumours have come round before, with it reported in 2012 that Nokia was also planning to ditch Windows Phone — something that never actually happened.

We have reached out to HTC for comment, and will update the story when we receive one.

Source: Neowin

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