How You Can Use a Mobile App to Help with Your Kitchen Renovation

Nikki Kingsley
November 13, 2019

Trying to put together a kitchen renovation plan is never easy, even if you have a background in the field. Trying to visualize where your sink, cabinetry, and tables will go isn’t easy. Thankfully modern technology has made it easier for everyone to plan out their renovations for a cheaper price and more reliable results.

In other words, there’s an app (or ten) for that now. All you need to do to create a better kitchen renovation plan is to whip out your phone and start downloading the right programs for your unique needs. Here’s a run-through of how you can use mobile apps to make the most of your renovations.

Virtual Room Designers

Did you ever wish you could just see the layout of your future kitchen without having to physically chart things out on a piece of paper? Virtual room designers, like the one available here, are your new best friends when it comes to figuring out your layout. These apps allow you to create entire rooms according to your specifications, sometimes even down to minor architectural accents. Then, once you create the layout of your room, you can preview it using the imaging technology in the app.

Typical room designing apps allow users to do the following things using their apps:

  • Move walls around. Want to remove a wall from your home, or divide off a portion of your place? Virtual room design apps will help you see what your place will look like.
  • Try new paint swatches on your home. If you’ve ever wondered if painting your home that wild shade of green is a good idea, an app can help you figure it out.
  • Change the size and shape of your windows. Windows can make or break a home. Using a designer will give you a chance to see how those windows will look before you plunk down the cash to renovate it.
  • Add furniture and appliances to your home. Room designers will tell you that some home layouts look wonderful when they’re bare, but quickly look cramped when they are filled with everyday items. Seeing what your home would look like when it’s filled out makes a world of difference.

By making it possible to see what you’re aiming to do before you renovate, you reduce the risk of having a bad renovation.

Using Room Layout Apps

One of the best ways to plan out your renovation in a way that builders will appreciate is to use room layout apps. This is a subset of virtual room design apps called room layout apps, and they focus on the more architectural and “building-based” aspects of planning.

SmartDraw, for example, is an app that works like professional design software. It lets you plan out your layout, calculate costs, and even put together a timeline for projects as you see fit.

Using Kitchen Designing Apps

Did you know that major stores like IKEA now have their own kitchen designing apps? It’s true. These apps are excellent for kitchen remodelling projects that involve a full overhaul of the appliances in your home.

When making a change to your kitchen goods, a design app that focuses on new appliances, furnishings, and counters can make a world of difference. A kitchen design app can do special tasks like:

  • Figuring out which exact appliance models you want to buy. Kitchen design apps often have the price points, stats, and images of top-rated kitchen appliances as part of their app. By giving you a way to compare all the models and even see how they’ll look at home, shopping for your appliances will be a breeze.
  • Seeing your kitchen layout with plumbing included. Kitchen design tools will often have features that let you tweak items like sinks, faucets, and other goods for a better, fuller effect.
  • Being able to order the supplies directly from the app. Not all apps have this feature, but those that do make remodelling easier than ever before.

Remodelling Estimation Apps

Putting together a beautiful room is great, but it won’t do much if you can’t afford it. Another good tool to download to your device when remodelling is an estimation app. Estimation apps factor in supplies and labour to help you ballpark the overall costs you should expect to incur for your renovation.

Remodelling apps can involve a wide range of different formats and methods to estimate renovation costs. Some use direct quotes from local contractors, others use average supplies and work rates for your area, and even more use a blend of the two.

How to Use Remodeling Estimation Apps

The important thing to remember is that remodelling estimates aren’t always accurate, but that they usually will give you a good range of prices you may expect to see during a kitchen renovation.

Your kitchen renovation project will vary in price based on your location, the materials used, the crews you hire to make it happen, and more. The more details you plug into the estimator, the more accurate your estimate will be.

Depending on the app, you might even be able to book consultations with contractors so you can get the kitchen you want as soon as possible. Amazing, isn’t it?

Understanding the Power of Renovation Apps

Renovation apps are great for helping you visualize your dream kitchen, source quality appliances, and even figuring out what you should expect to pay for the work being done. They can easily prevent mistakes and also help you get a clearer picture of what you want.

However, it’s important to remember that apps are still just apps. They’re best used as a reference tool alongside a bunch of other goods. After all, a kitchen is a major investment. The more work and research you put into it, the better your outcome will be.

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