How many mobile devices do you carry? The British average is 2.7

Allan Swann
March 14, 2013

A new survey by Sophos shows that Britons are amongst the most tech hungry in the world, on average carrying 2.7 devices with them day to day.

This is still behind the Germany and the US, which average 3.1 and 3.0 devices respectively.

While 85% of those surveyed carried smartphones (no surprises there),  65% of respondents still prefer to carry laptops rather than tablets (48%). The largest number of devices carried by all those surveyed was 12.

devices by popularity

Of the 2,226 respondents (the majority of whom represent the Australia,   Canada, Germany, US and UK), Germans are the most likely to carry laptops, whereas Americans, Australians, British, and Canadians are most likely to carry smartphones.

MP3 players and eReaders rounded out the devices, with 40% and 29% respectively.

Despite Google’s Android now being the most popular OS in the world (on around 75% of all smartphones sold), the Sophos survey (which focused on Western countries) showed that Apple and Android were neck and neck – Android accounted for 40.9% and Apple 40.5%. BlackBerry and Windows Phone trailed with 8.9% and 3.4%.

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