How many minutes a day do you spend on your mobile?

Alex Walls
March 7, 2013

A survey has found the average time spent per day on a mobile phone is 90 minutes. surveyed 2,314 mobile phone owners aged 18 and over from around the United Kingdom and when asked to estimate how much time approximately they spent using their mobile each day, including calls, texts, email use and pictures, the average answer given was 90 minutes.

Extrapolating, said this meant the average phone owner in Britain spent 22.8 days annually using their phone.

Eighty six percent of respondents felt they couldn’t live without their mobile phones.

Browsing the Internet was the most popular use of mobile phones at 24% of respondents saying they used their devices for this activity the most, followed by sending texts at 21%, making calls at 17%, using apps at 15% and emailing at 13%.  Taking pictures was fairly low at 6% with ‘other’ (using as a hammer?) came in at 4%.

But remember: spending too much time on your mobile can have dire results:


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