Houseparty App: What Is It? Why is it saving us all from going crazy!

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March 30, 2020

Coronavirus has taken over the earth and with social gatherings, a thing of the fast currently how will you keep up with what all your friends are doing and more importantly communication is key to sound mental health. What can help us?

Welcome, Houseparty the app that allows you to throw party without leaving the house in this lockdown!

With more of us having to turn to social media  The app Houseparty has particularly risen in popularity since the outbreak of COVID-19,

Here is everything you need to know about Houseparty!

Houseparty is a free video social networking app. It is available on Android and iOS devices, macOS, and as a Chrome extension. There is also a beta of a web-based version.

The app owned by Epic Games allows you to video chat with up to eight friends in a “room” and play a few rudimentary games together. Users can invite friends from their existing contact list to the app.

HouseParty Features you need to know about

  • Users can sneak into the house to see who is online without engaging in conversation
  • You can lock the room to make sure any private conversations stay private.
  • The app requires system permissions to function such as location.
  • HouseParty draws from your personal contact list if your friend is also online click join and your connected. Be careful as if you could have a call at any time so look your best.
  • You get notifications when friends are on.
  • You can play games with friends such as Pictionary, Heads Up & Apples to Apples- However, the games are not as developed as you would have liked.
  • You can record a brief video message for a friend who was unable to join the party and you get a notification once they have seen it. However, you won’t know is someone in your chat recording so be careful what you say!


Download Houseparty Click Here


For now, enjoy this app and stay safe we will get through this and remember like good old Bob Hoskins sais in that BT Advert   ” Its good to talk” 


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