Heads-on: Sony HMZ-T3W, RoboCop reporting for duty

Jordan O'Brien
September 12, 2013

Google Glass not your thing? Not a problem, why not opt for Sony’s huge goggles instead — which Sony envision being a normal sight on planes, trains and just about everywhere.

We can’t say we see it happening just yet, and there’s several reasons why we’d say that — for one Sony’s HMZ-T3W personal 3D viewer is incredibly uncomfortable and heavy.

What the device can do is rather impressive though, offering you a 750-inch screen directly in your face.

Imagine a cinema everywhere you go, but one where you may have pain inflicted on the bridge of your nose and having to constantly hold it up as it slowly slips down your face — and then you’ve got the HMZ-T3W.

Whilst it’s a cool idea, and we wanted it to work, it’s not quite there yet, and it’s not as if this is Sony’s first try, it’s had several attempts since CES 2011.

Whilst we haven’t had the chance to try out the Oculus Rift yet, we’ve heard that it’s one of the most comfortable things you’ll wear on your head — and quite frankly Sony has some way to go before being able to claim that.

You’ll also have to deal with significant light being poured into the bottom of the device, as the HMZ-T3W’s cannot show you the device’s interface, which means you still have to see it.

At £1300, they’re not ready for prime time yet — but it’s an exciting prospect tht one day these could become a norm.

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