Has a OnePlus One price cut been revealed?

Thomas Wellburn
May 29, 2015

A recent teaser from OnePlus got people wondering if the anticipated OnePlus Two was just around the corner. Turns out that might not be the case after all and it may just be a price-cut.

Earlier this week, OnePlus released a teaser which showed an image of the OnePlus One with an eraser and pencil. This got the internet buzzing, with many suggesting there might be a new device releasing just around the corner. Various sources began to confirm this theory, stating that we would be seeing the OnePlus as early as next Tuesday.

Well, now it seems that theory has somewhat changed. Rather than a device launch, sources are now pointing to a price cut on the existing OnePlus One which which will take place on that same date. Both models are expected to be slashed by $50, making the 64GB Sandstone Black $298 and the 16GB Silk White $248 respectively. Pricing is rumoured to be cut everywhere excluding India, meaning we might feel some of the effects here in the UK.

The OnePus One is a truly fantastic Android device costing much less than the competition. Offering flagship performance courtesy of a Snapdragon 801 and attractive styling, it’s still pretty incredible that they manage to cram it all into such a competitive price-point.

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