GRAPHIC: This mockup shows that despite its 5.5-inch display the LG G3 is not as big as you think

Callum Tennent
May 22, 2014

We’re looking forward to the official unveiling of the LG G3, and we’re guessing that you are too. With some nifty features  and some suspected monster specs, it could be the shock flagship of the year. One thing which may be a bit of a put-off for some is its 5.5-inch display. Big displays are not for everyone, and 5.5 inches would make the G3 one of the biggest around.

For those worried though, this image might change your mind. If the mockup (courtesy of the good people at Android Police) is to be believed, the G3 might not be as large as first thought. Courtesy of an astoundingly thin bezel, LG might have managed to squeeze an extra half an inch of screen into a handset 0.1mm shorter than the HTC One M8.

Naturally it’s a little wider than the M8, as well as the depicted Samsung Galaxy S5, as a screen that much larger means horizontal expansion as well as vertical. We’ll be able to see for ourselves for sure on the 27th May, but if you reckon you could handle four more millimetres of width in your handset then HTC might have genuine contender.

LG - G3 size mockup

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