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January 28, 2009

The Nokia Royal is not an official handset from Nokia, but rather a ‘common’ Nokia Carbon Arte that’s given a bit of extra love and attention (and those 1160 sparkling gems mentioned above!).

We don’t know what the retail price is going to be yet, but the phone is close to £1000 without any special treatment – so use your imagination (and if you really need to ask, you’re not actually going to own one of them anyway).

There will be just 50 made, when it’s launched on the 31st January at the prestigious Colette store in Paris.

To quote from the company;

Encrusted with 8.2 cts of vvs, colour ‘F’ diamonds, a magnificent total of approximately 1160 individually set sparkling gems.
The carbon fibre is expertly removed and fitted with a vast amount of solid platinum secured with 8 handmade platinum screws, weighing an immense 65 grams.  To simplify this for you, an average platinum wedding band weighs just 4 grams, so this luxury phone has the equivalent of 16 platinum wedding bands.
The Nokia Royal has brought together the subtle beauty and elegance of platinum, with the magical radiance of diamonds, and created an exquisite work of art.

The handset sits quietly in its luxury handmade box made from Granite and the finest leather.
There is no finer relationship than platinum & diamonds. They are pure, rare, and eternal. The Nokia Royal is a true celebration of your individuality.
This stunning handset was tailored in Liverpool U.K. by Stuart and Katherine Hughes from Goldstriker, and it will also be available to buy online from the brand new website to be launched in February 2009.

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