Google updates iOS app with 3D Touch and more

Thomas Wellburn
December 14, 2015

Google will unleash several big features for the iOS version of their search app, bringing it closer to Apple’s offerings.

Google’s iOS application has been understandably lagging behind its Android counterpart for quite some time, but a fresh update today has introduced several new features. From this weekend, the iOS application will now support both 3D touch and Multitasking; both of which are exclusive to that particular operating system. It will also support context-sensitive information for stores, social venues and restaurants such as when they are most busy.

It’s a pretty substantial update considering the lack of features it previously had, brining it up to spec with the majority of Apple’s own offerings. With Google being the stronger of the two with regards to search robustness, it’s no surprise that they are using this as a target point to lure weary Apple users.

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Via Fast Company

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