Google smartwatch close to production?

Jamie Feltham
October 29, 2013

It’s an interesting time for smartwatches, with Samsung and Sony currently knee-deep in the market and Apple rumoured to be joining them soon. It sounds like we could also be adding Google to that list soon, as the company is apparently looking to produce its own Google smartwatch.

A report from The Wall Street Journal suggests as much. A Google smartwatch isn’t exactly a fresh rumour but the outlet suggests its now close to entering production. The device will run Android and focus on the Google Now personal assistant. This means that it would likely keep you updated with travel and weather reports as well as news based on emails, history and location.

Excitingly, if could be ready within months.

Smartphone communication will be included, so expect data tethering to come along with it. Google has also been looking to reduce power consumption to make the device viable.

Hopefully we’ll see something in the very near future, perhaps just after Christmas. CES would be the ideal time to reveal something like this, especially if its launch is coming soon.

Source: The Wall Street Journal

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