Google Play Movies and TV come to iOS

Jamie Feltham
January 16, 2014

Google’s Android OS and Apple’s iOS will be forever locked in an all out war for smartphone supremecy. That doesn’t mean the two don’t work together now and then.

As proof, Google Play Movies and TV have come to iOS in the form of a streaming app. It’s an oddly limited bit of software, allowing you to view purchased content but only with a Wi-Fi connection and no option to buy content in-app.

It seems like it would be a bit of a hassle to buy content that’s optimised for one type of OS and then try and use it on the other but lots of households will have a mix of the two. Chromecast support is included though we haven’t seen AirPlay functionality just yet.

Still, if you have an Android tablet we’d suggest keeping your Google Play Movies and TV shows there for now.

Source: Engadget

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