Google Pixel 2 Will Feature Squeezable Screen

Thomas Wellburn
September 19, 2017

According to breadcrumbs left in the recent Google App update, users of the upcoming Pixel 2 will be able to squeeze their device for additional functions.

In a recent teardown of the newest Google App 7.1.2, Dylan over at 9to5Google managed to unearth some juicy details about the Google Pixel embedded deep in the code.

As we know, HTC will be partnering with Google on production of the Pixel 2 device. The larger Pixel XL variant will be manufactured by LG which, if it’s anything like the V30, should be an absolute killer device.

The teardown revealed a long rumoured ‘Active Edge’ feature, which is essentially Edge Sense for the HTC U11. It makes the handset frame squeezable so that users can summon specific apps. It was an interesting idea that opened up a new way of interacting with handsets, though the implementation in the HTC U11 felt somewhat gimmicky.

Other features discovered in the code include ‘Routines’, which lets you program a phrase in Google Assistant to perform multiple tasks simultaneously, plus improved podcast playback such as  continuing the last played podcast and playback preferences.

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