Google officially announces Android 2.3 update

Jonathan Morris
December 6, 2010

Hot on the heels of the Nexus S announcement came news of Android 2.3 for other devices. Google Nexus One owners can also expect to be amongst the first to get the Gingerbread update, possibly even before the first deliveries of the Nexus S are made.

The full Android 2.3 platform highlights can be found on Google’s official Android developers site, and there’s little point in trying to rewrite what’s already been done so well.

To summarise, the new features include:

  • User interface refinements
  • Faster, more intuitive text input
  • Improved power management
  • Control over applications
  • New ways of communicating and organising, including download management and camera control
  • A wealth of new features for developers
  • Support for Near Field Communications (NFC)
  • Internet telephony (VoIP and SIP)
  • New audio effects
  • New media formats

Video introduction

Over the coming weeks, we can hopefully expect to see a number of manufacturers stating which handsets will be upgraded to 2.3, although with many handsets still to get 2.2 it may leave a number of users disappointed – or facing a long delay. By which time, everyone will be talking about Android 3.0…

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