Google Nexus Prime release date, Ice Cream Sandwich leak

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September 29, 2011

The iPhone 5 is coming and Google aren’t letting Android stand by and watch while Apple takes the spotlight. In the same week that Apple has announced a ‘big reveal’ on October 4th, Samsung have promised a Google revelation on October 11th at Samsung Mobile Unpacked in San Diego.

It’s an event which showcases new phones but this one carries the subtitle ‘Google Episode’. Samsung are thought to be behind the Nexus Prime rather than early Android partner Motorola.Due to the timing of the event, we’re betting it’s an outing of the long awaited Google Nexus Prime and the next instalment of Android – Ice Cream Sandwich. You can see a leaked version of the Android update in action here.

The picture to the right is a mock-up of the Google Nexus Prime by designer Federico Ciccarese but shows how a Nexus Prime phone could look. We’ll be lucky if it’s that silm, but it’s not a bad guess. Current thinking suggests a 1.5 Mhz dual core processor, 4.6 inch screen and a 10 megapixel camera. The current launch date for the Google Nexus Prime is expected to be November.


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