Google, Apple pull Plastic Surgery app aimed at kids

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January 16, 2014

Google and Apple have pulled a plastic surgery game designed for children from their respective app stores.

The game, named Plastic Surgery for Barbie on iOS and Plastic Surgery on Android, was pulled after Mattel, owners of the Barbie doll, spotted it. Women’s right group Everyday Sexism had first noticed the app and began a Twitter campaign for its removal.

Astonishingly, the game asked kids to perform liposuction on overweight female patients until they were thin. The app had originally been cleared for ages nine and up.

As BBC Newsbeat notes, similar games are still available.

It’s clear to see why an app like this would cause such controversy. In fact, going hand in hand with our story from earlier about children racking up in-app purchases, it paints quite a worrying pciture, doesn’t it?

Source: Newsbeat

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