Game Review: Into the Dead (updated)

Allan Swann
March 12, 2013

Apple iOS

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Simplicity is key with Into the Dead – your helicopter has crashed in a zombie overrun world – so get running.

Yes it is another ‘endless runner’ game like Temple Run and the like, but Into The Dead places you in the first person as you charge through endless fields, forests and cornfields, avoiding obstacles and, of course, zombies. Fortunately, you can pick up weapons such as shotguns and chainsaws to mow down a few on the way to your own grave.

Several control schemes are available, such as the traditional tilt and thumbstick combos, I found tapping the screen (left and right to side step, middle to shoot) to be the easiest.

Without a doubt, Into The Dead’s presentation is where it shines. It looks stunning with a gloomy foggy landscape for you to run through, with beautiful scenery and shambling monsters – it definitely grabs your attention for the first few playthroughs.

Unfortunately, the game quickly gets repetitive – the levels never really change (forest, field and cornfield) and missions are passed by completing tasks (such as making it a certain distance, killing a certain number of zombies, or jumping enough fences). These unlock new weapons and ‘perks’ (such as starting at 1500m, or starting with weapons) which liven the game up a little – but to be honest by the time you reach these upgrades the game has worn thin.

It is definitely a game that suits being played on the bus for short periods at a time, rather than a sit down, fully immersive, hours on end experience.

In that sense it shines.

[update: The latest version of the game unlocks a new hardcore mode, which only allows three weapons, random amounts of ammo as pick ups, more aggressive zombies and random level layouts. A previous update adds zombie theme packs – such as WWII and Footballers, and massacre mode (see how many zombies you can kill). Companion mode is coming in another update (yay! a dog!)]

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