Galaxy Watch Active2: Designed to Help Balance Wellness with Upgraded Connectivity

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August 7, 2019

The latest smartwatch takes personalised wellness to the next level, and lets you enjoy more flexibility than ever with LTE connectivity

Samsung today introduced Galaxy Watch Active2, the newest addition to the Galaxy smartwatch portfolio. As part of the Galaxy family, Galaxy Watch Active2 is purposefully designed with new, intuitive, and refined features to bring more customisation to consumers’ lifestyles, enhance their health and wellness as well as enable seamless, connected living.

The Galaxy Watch Active2 lets users live better through small, yet meaningful, daily changes’from reaching wellness goals such as sleep, fitness, and stress management to completing tasks efficiently. Whether you want to take time to meditate, be notified of every update, or fall somewhere in between, Galaxy Watch Active2 complements your lifestyle and delivers on what makes a difference’all while looking sleek and stylish in the process.

“The smartwatch market is rapidly growing, and we at Samsung are excited to continually expand our presence in new and visionary ways,” said DJ Koh, President and CEO of IT & Mobile Communications Division, Samsung Electronics. “With Galaxy Watch Active2, we have created a device that will enable consumers to take control of their health and wellness, and seamlessly flow between their devices and connect across the Samsung Galaxy ecosystem, making their lives easier and better.”

Purposeful Design, Customised to Your Life

The Galaxy Watch Active2 is masterfully designed to be both beautiful and customizable. The Galaxy Watch Active2 comes in two different sizes’44mm and 40mm in diameter’and two styles: lightweight aluminum with a casual Fluoroelastomer (FKM) Band, and premium solid stainless steel with a leather strap. The smartwatches can be personalised with a range of additional stylish strap and watch-face options.

The Galaxy Watch Active2 features a brand new upgrade to our signature rotating bezel’and turns it digital to make it even more convenient to navigate while maximising the screen size. Now directly on the beautifully curved Super AMOLED screen, the rotating touch bezel turns both clockwise and counter-clockwise to advance screens so you can easily select favourite apps. Plus, the upgraded One UI offers a simple, clear and natural user experience for navigation.

And for those users who want a watch as stylish as they are, you can now match your Galaxy Watch Active2 face to your look with the My Style[ colour extraction algorithm. Available in the Galaxy Wearable app, simply take a photo of your outfit, choose from five different colour patterns, and your watch face changes in seconds.

The Perfect Companion for Your Wellness Goals

The Galaxy Watch Active2 also serves as your guide to improved health and wellness, providing actionable insights that can help you make positive lifestyle choices in your diet, exercise, mental health, sleep and more.

With exercise, for example, the smartwatch can manually track more than 39 workouts with seven of them automatically activated’including running, walking, cycling, swimming, rowing machine, elliptical machine and dynamic workouts. With an updated Running Coach, you can monitor your running pace in real-time and enjoy seven different running programs to help meet your goals. The Galaxy Watch Active2 even incorporates innovative new health sensors on the back, which take in readings faster, so you know you’re getting insights quickly to maximise your fitness routine and stay on track.

The Galaxy Watch Active2 also helps you track stress levels through Samsung Health, our health and wellness app[. It also provides access to guided meditation programs through an integration with the leading sleep and meditation app, Calm.

Seamlessly Expand Your Connected Lifestyle, Better with Galaxy family

The Galaxy Watch Active2 makes it easy to stay connected to your life, and your other devices, even while you’re away or on-the-go. The Galaxy Watch Active2 with LTE connectivity allows you to make and receive calls freely from the watch, while apps are accessible with a tap of the finger. Now you can interact with a social post, and even watch a short video clip right from your wrist.

Another way we’re making it even easier to stay connected is through our partnership with Spotify. Sign in to your Samsung account with single sign-on from your phone or Galaxy Watch Active2, and easily browse through your music and podcasts on Spotify and enjoy a continuous listening experience. The Galaxy Watch Active2 brings you seamless device interaction experiences and makes accessing your music and podcasts even easier.

Integral Part of the Galaxy Ecosystem

As part of the Galaxy family, the Galaxy Watch Active2 brings the best of Samsung’s Galaxy ecosystem to the smartwatch for those who want to do it all. When the Galaxy Watch Active2 is paired to your Galaxy smartphone, for example, the Watch Camera Controller on the Galaxy Watch Active2 allows you to take photos, start recording a video, preview footage on the watch, switch between front and rear lenses, set a timer and then check the final photo or video ‘ all from your wrist. You can also use Wireless PowerShare on your Galaxy smartphone to charge your smartwatch in an easy and intuitive way.

Plus, all the Samsung services you get with Galaxy ecosystem’like Samsung Health, SmartThings, Samsung Pay,[ and more’are seamlessly integrated with your watch and across your devices. You can use, for example, Bixby to navigate your watch, start a workout or check the weather. And of course, everything you do on your watch is protected by Knox technology.

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