Galaxy Tab on sale November 1st; but still no price!

Jonathan Morris
October 1, 2010

Samsung has announced that the Galaxy Tab will hit the streets from November 1st, available from Carphone Warehouse, PC World and T-Mobile.. but there’s still no price!

All Samsung will say at this point is that it will be available on a range of ‘attractive price packages, making it as widely accessible as possible to all consumers’.

However, given that the Managing Director of Mobile, Simon Stanford said: “It can be enjoyed by anyone – commuters, students, parents, businesses – who want to experience a complete range of entertainment, whether that be watching movies, listening to music, reading newspapers, or simply making a phone call plus much more besides.”, we must assume that it isn’t going to be as expensive as early estimates suggested (such as the crazy £800+ prices being quoted by some online retailers).

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