Galaxy S5 camera is at 20MP, recording 4K video – rumor

Jamie Feltham
January 20, 2014

We’ve heard plenty of rumors about Samsung’s next flagship smartphone already and now we’re getting new reports of the Galaxy S5 camera.

A tip sent to Phone Arena has suggested that the unannounced handset will sport a 20-megapixel snapper. Previous reports have put the Galaxy S5 camera at 16MP. It will apparently allow for 4K video-recording and feature image taking during recording.

Also expected is an iris sensor that would enable eye-scanning (not that first time we’ve heard about it) and wide range of health accessories which would go in line with the recent health-craze that swept CES this year. The tipster concludes that the phone itself will still be a plastic handset.

Just how much truth is behind these rumors we don’t know, although none of them seem impossible. As for the reveal of the next phone? Right now we’re thinking March.

Source: Phone Arena

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