Galaxy Gear free at Phones 4u (when buying a Note 3)

Jamie Feltham
November 11, 2013

Let’s start the week off with a good ol’ fashioned bargain. Phones 4u is offering the Samsung Galaxy Gear free. Well, that is if you sign up for a Galaxy Note 3 on contract.

The offer until runs until this Thrusday, November 14th, so make sure to act fast if you need wearable tech in your life. As for the Note 3, contracts start at £99.99 upfront for a £39.99 contract. If you want the phone for free then you can pay £42.99.

Of course, flogging the Galaxy Gear free is a little bit suspect, given the smartwatch’s lukewarm reception. We recently heard that as many as a third of them have been returned at US retailer Best Buy.

Still, you can’t argue with free, can you? Oh you can? Well, excuse us.

Source: CNET

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