Five hidden features of Facebook Messenger

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December 17, 2019

Over 1.3 billion people use Facebook Messenger worldwide[, but there’s much more to do on the app than just send messages to your friends. Even if you’re a frequent Messenger user, it’s likely you haven’t heard of all its built-in features.

Below, online smartphone retailer,, reveals five secret Facebook Messenger features you may not know about, and how you can make the most of them.

1. Masks and filters

Messenger is constantly updating its filter selection, which can be applied to self-taken videos or photos, as well as live video calls. Simply swipe left or right when in camera mode to play around with the augmented reality masks.

There are a wide selection of filters to choose from, including the standard emotions you might expect, as well as seasonal masks which are constantly updated to tie in with calendar events and film releases.

2. Secret Conversations

Secret conversations through Facebook Messenger are end-to-end encrypted and so are only available to read on the original devices used to create or open the chat. Snapchat-like timers can also be set for messages, making them disappear forever when the countdown expires.

To start a secret conversation, tap on your profile photo, scroll down to ‘secret conversations’ and toggle it to ‘on’. However, be aware that when using this mode some other commonly used features in Messenger, such as GIFs and archiving conversations, will be deactivated.

3. Dark Mode

Dark Mode changes the colour scheme of the Messenger app to make it easier to use in dim lighting. With this setting on, the background becomes black and the text is adjusted to appear white.

This is designed to reduce eye strain, therefore, ideal for nighttime browsing. The function can be easily turned on or off by tapping your profile icon in the top left corner of the app.

4. Active Status

Want to have a quick chat with someone, without other contacts spotting you’re online? You can do this by switching off your Active Status. By turning this function off, your contacts will be unable to see that you’re active. 

This setting can be changed by navigating to Settings > Active Status and toggling it off.

5. Delete Messages

If you’ve sent an awkward message to the wrong person, don’t worry. Facebook Messenger currently allows messages to be deleted up to ten minutes after sending. This can be done by tapping and holding on the message you wish to delete, and selecting ‘Remove for Everyone’.

However, please do note, recipients will still be able to see that you deleted something so have your excuses at the ready!

Karl Middleton, the Mobile Expert at, commented: “Throughout the past decade, messaging apps have evolved massively. Facebook Messenger now packs in so many features designed to enhance the user experience, but they’re not all immediately obvious for users.

“Plenty of us spend a lot of time chatting to friends and family on Facebook Messenger, and hopefully these hidden features can help people make the most of the app.”

The hidden features don’t stop there! Head here for more hidden Facebook Messenger features:

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