First Touch Soccer game review

Chris James
June 21, 2011

Exient’s X2 Football has slowly grown to be one of the biggest names in iPhone football, so the name change to First Touch Soccer is a perplexing one.

Despite the renaming, First Touch is yet another confident step forward for the company, with graphics that are close to EA’s FIFA, only with gameplay and content that’s a league above.

The most striking thing, though, isn’t the various game modes and extensive player/club editor that’s bundled with the usual tournaments and leagues, but how players react on the pitch.

The movement and passing is very reminiscent of the previous console generation PES titles, only without all the complicated button contortions those titles possessed.

Easy to play, yet deep and filled to the brim with game modes and unlockables, First Touch is easily the current champion of the iPhone football league.

Rating: 5 out of 5

Platform iPhone

Price 59p (temporary price)

From App Store

Publisher Exient

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